Darkenwald Keeshonden

Darkenwald Keeshonden

Where health and quality are more important than quantity

Our litter planned for Spring 2019!
Litter due about March 23rd. (Puppies would be ready for homes at the end of May)


 ~~ CUTTER~~

 Shown very little, Cutter has garnered Group wins and placements. but his accolade are his produce as he has produced 14 Champions to date, giving him the title of Register of Merit from the parent club, the Keeshond Club of America. (He is fourth generation ROM!) 

 He has OFA GOOD hips, normal patellas,  and eyes (CERF).  He is tested PHPT Negative and has been cardiac health tested. With his wonderful  barrel chested body, exceptional topline, lovely movement, striking color contrast, with deep pigment, and a happy, quiet soft temperament, we feel he is a wonderful compliment to Sizzle and look forward to seeing what he lends to the breeding.

   Sadly Cutter has just passed away due to intestinal lymphoma and won't get to see any of his puppies. This just makes us even more excited to bring them into the world, to have just a bit of him here on earth again, fresh and new.


Sizzle is a sweet and very active dog in our home. She has passed all health clearances, with GOOD hips, normal elbows, patellas, and eyes and also has clearances in advanced cardiac and is normal for hyperparathyroidism.  

  You will see from Sizzle's picture that she just radiates charm and joy.


                                                  Pedigree of the litter is below:

This will be a litter using stored frozen semen from Cutter and we are so excited to see what we get. That being said, those seriously seeking Show prospects will be given priority. Pick male has been reserved so far.

Please contact us if you would like to be considered for a puppy from this litter for either show or companion

The Darkenwald Nursery

At Darkenwald, the nursery is an accurate description of our puppy rearing facilities. Our philosophy is that puppies, like children, deserve a safe, enriched environment with plenty of opportunity for socialization so that they can grow into adults who will be welcome in our society.  They are encouraged to play and explore and learn both inside and out.  Their nursery is in the kitchen so they are constantly exposed to activity, noises, smells (mostly delicious...grin), people and some other dogs. By 4 weeks they have been introduced to the outside on our puppy proof deck and by 6 weeks, grass, concrete sidewalk, porch and steps. Nothing like fresh air and sunshine to grow happy, healthy puppies.  Because we live out in the country, we have to import more people so we frequently invite friends and  people interested in the breed to come visit and play with the puppies.

Raising puppies right is a LOT of work...it's time consuming both physically and mentally. In addition to socializing and caring for the physical needs of the babies, a good breeder will spend a lot of time screening homes so that she can find the very best home for each puppy based on the mutual needs of the puppy and new owners. A good breeder takes responsibility for the puppies she produces throughout the puppies' lives.  And the effort does not end when the puppies leave for new homes...support for owners is critical to the success of placements. At Darkenwald a good percentage of our puppies are sold either to repeat buyers or to people who have been referred by happy owners who adore their dogs.  We must be doing something right.  What makes all the hard work and effort worthwhile is the satisfaction of knowing that I have been able to help others know the love and joy that a happy, healthy Keeshond brings to our lives.  

Have we never had an issue? Health or otherwise? I wish!  But, no one can ever guarantee that she will never produce a puppy that may end up with a problem...all we can do is make the best breeding decisions we can, always work to improve, learn from mistakes, and stand behind ALL the puppies we bring into this world.  No breeder wakes up in the morning and says, "Gee, I sure hope I have an unhealthy puppy to bring misery into someone's life..." but, what separates a good breeder from the pack is how she handles a problem when it arises. Some try to put the blame on the owner or on outside issues...anything but accept the possibility that they have produced a puppy with a problem.  I am not saying that I believe that all health problems arising in dogs are genetic either. Some are very much environmental, dietary, etc. It may very well be that an owner did not follow recommendations but that doesn't mean they need to be sent on a guilt trip, either.  Just as no breeder hopes to produce a health issue, I doubt that a properly screened owner wakes up and says "How can I screw up this puppy so I can complain to the breeder?"  The Golden rule is truly precious and one that I do my best to live by...and always, my first allegiance is to the dogs...their best interest has to come before any other motivations.  They bring us such joy and ask for nothing in return except to be loved and cherished. Buying a puppy is a major exception to the statements that you 'can't buy love' or 'money cannot buy happiness!"  You can!  It's called a Keeshond.

We are very proud to be recognized by the AKC as a Breeder of Merit...Now GOLD STATUS!


We believe in health testing for the genetic anomolies known to affect Keeshonden in order to produce the healthiest puppies possible.