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Darkenwald Keeshonden

Hello and welcome to Darkenwald Keeshonden!

My name is Suzette Lefebvre. I purchased my first Keeshond companion in 1972, got hooked on the breed, purchased my first show dog and began showing in conformation dog shows. I married my husband Ron in 1977 and he supported me in my habit, and I have been showing ever since. In the past few years, multiple surgeries including a knee replacement, and most recently a shoulder replacement, have slowed me down and I have to enjoy more shows from the sidelines than from within ringside. We have finished more than 50 Champions and have raised 53 litters to date. Since we cannot all the show dogs ourselves, many of our finest have made their way to establish or enhance other Keeshond kennels here in the USA and in Canada. Some decedents have made their way to Europe. We are honored to have many Obedience performers, Conformation Champions, Best in Show, Specialty Best in Show winners, HOF, Bronze and Silver Grand Champions, Agility and Fast Cat Champions to finish their titles. We are so proud of the co-owners of their accomplishments with Darkenwald dogs.
We are also proud of the Therapy dogs born here that have gone on to enrich others lives so much.

We are located in central Virginia, in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. We are the home to show, performance, and companion Keeshonden.

Our dogs live in our home and are both show dogs and family companions. Each breeding is carefully selected and both father and mother must past health checks prior to any breeding to insure the most healthy puppies possible.
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