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An exciting spring /early summer breeding is planned

between "Nia", BIS MBOSS MBISw Am GCHS / Int CH Darkenwald Warmest Koinonia with Shainakees, HOF and "Rowdy", MBIS BBISS Can GCHS/ RBIS BISS Am GCHG Ashbrook Maverick from Shainakees CHOF HOF, both proudly bred by Suzette Lefebvre and Rev. Ruthann Seibert.
  Our major goal with breeding Nia is of course finding special homes for her puppies, but we are looking to especially add the title ROM behind her name, meaning that she has produced 7 Champions. If you are an experienced Keeshond owner, who shows in conformation, and are looking to add a very special puppy, to show, let us know. We look forward to speaking with you. Take a look at the pedigree. We are happy to answer any and all of your questions. We think their show careers speak for themselves. Since Nia lives with us, I can speak for her temperament, and it's stupendous!



NIA BOS TKE 2022_edited_edited.jpg
Nia New Champion_edited.jpg
Nia BOS CKC 3-16-2024_edited.jpg
rowdy bis Kimberly meredith 2019_edited.
Rowdy back to back BIS_edited.jpg
Another litter planned in collaboration with co-breeders later this spring / summer between Whimsy & Runner. Show prospects and companions will be available. Inquiries welcome. More details later!
Whimsy BISSw_edited.jpg
Runner in yard_edited.jpg

                  Here are pictures of some previous litters and Puppies.

The pictures immediately below are some pictures taken from our 2023 litter of 5 puppies between Nia and Runner. This was Darkenwald's "C" litter (third time around) and the Shainakees "M" litter. 


Earlier litters and puppies.

Ginny's N Litter_edited_edited.jpg
Icy with pups at 1 week of
Ron with Whimsy_edited.jpg
Purple boy before going to Kathy Easter_
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